Making of Egyptian Adventures part 1.

15 Apr 2011

This chapter was born from our love and respect for the ancient egyptians and their marvellous history. Without their inventions in architecture, medicine, engineering or physics, our world would have been very different, or we would have achieved this level of evolution much later.

Imhotep, although he was portraided as a malevolent being in several movies, we think he was one of the most important scholars in the ancient Egypt.

After a lot of ideas and countless hours debating which idea is the best, we decided that this was “ready” for the first episode. We didn’t want to make fun of Imhotep, but in the same time we wanted to make a percivalesque twist of events.

From start to finish, every episode could take several days depending on our free time and if Attila “za hand” is inspired. But for this first episode, work progressed very very quickly and the complete drawing was ready in less than a day.

Below you can see the first sketch made for this episode.