Percival and Aeon

Hi there time traveler!

My name is Percival and this is a journal for all my travels trough time and space.

I was born on a beautiful sunny day in April 1986 in a city called Chernobyl. Of all my little brethren and sisters, I was the only one who survived the hatching. I never knew my father or my mother and I’ve had no one to take care of me when I was a little snail. Everything I know now, I’ve learned trough error and mistake.

My “real life” started a week or so after I was born when I was picked up with a bunch of leaves by a man in a white dress and I was taken from the beautiful sun in a closed chamber filled with buttons and screens. And on that cursed day of April something horrible happened.

After the explosion I was forgoten in that room and I’ve been exposed to a high amount of radiation. Fortunately, this same radiation that killed all the plants and animals in Chernobyl gave me strength, wings, made me bigger and gave me a shell that carries me trough time and space… and it turns into a beautiful rainbow, when it does.

Due to the high amount of radiation I’ve been exposed to, I am now able to walk around without my shell. But don’t ever call me a slug or I’ll get very very upset. I love my house and I wouldn’t like to lose it in one of my adventures. So, I’ve used two straps to secure it on my back.

In one of my travels in a place called Apollonia, when I was almost ready to leave, a little flea jumped on me and it was transported alongside me in another time. This little flea became my good friend Aeon and now he’s not so little anymore.

Aeon always tells me that I move too fast, that I’m too strong and I’m eating too many leaves… and he makes fun of my extrasensory perceptions… But what can I do if I am like that and I have an insatiable hunger? I could eat these beautiful leaves all day long.

Did you know that my little friend Aeon has royal blood in him? Oh yes, don’t be surprised… When we met in Apollonia he just bit Cassander, the king of Macedonia… He always wondered if blue blood would taste different and when he had the chance he grabbed it. Poor Aeon, king Cassander tasted just like common folks. His blood was just a little bit thinner than normal.

He also has an extreme fetish for every type of head wear and his hot temper and love for blood makes him want to bite every dog and cat on sight.

If you want to know more about our travels and us, just read our stories.

Yours truly,
Percival – the dragon snail